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Golfing in the Midlands

I like to offer the midland courses for different reasons.

First: A lot of their parklands are absolutely magnificent in design, condition and views.

Second:  It breaks up the longer journey from the West Coast to Dublin Airport, where most of the flights are coming in.

To stay one or two nights around Athlone and play different courses along the shore of Lough Ree or on the unique, links like course of  Mount Temple GC close by.

From here it’s only 75 min on the motorway to the airport which avoids the stress on the last day to get there in time!

As the two courses alongside Lough Ree have their own landing piers for boats, there is also the possibility of cruising  up the Shannon to enjoy fishing and cooking on board, stop at each golf course for a game before continuing the journey or staying a night in the beautiful golf hotel overlooking the lake.