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Golfing in Ireland

Ireland, home of over 400 golf courses – Links and Parkland courses with different designs, landscapes, layouts and grades guarantee every visitor a unique playing experience.

Every golfer knows parkland courses with the plantations, water hazards, shallow bunkers, carpet like fairways and greens and only the rough as a nearly natural characteristic.

However, golfing on Links is sport, fun and excitement on mostly unspoiled places along the open sea.

Worldwide there are approximately 150 Links courses with a third of these most special places in Ireland.

Ireland for Yous motto: Whether in the North, East, South or West – the Irish Links are golfer’s best!

Do not even imagine that my selection of golf courses is purely based on their international reputation.

Many golf clubs that I am recommending are hidden gems and as good, interesting and challenging to play as their “big brothers” – just more reasonable with their green fees.

Ireland for You uses these places a lot to give also beginners and high handicappers the possibility to start up with the game in a relaxed atmosphere at relatively low costs.

Please have a look at a sample of my offers, let me know when and how you would like to spend your golf holiday in Ireland – and let me work out a sample schedule and a free quotation just for you.

Talk to you soon.