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Rotary Golf Event

Last week Ireland for You has been in Belgium to support a golf event that was organised by the Rotary Club Liège Cité Ardente.

The aim of this event was to support the children’s autism centre La Manivelle in Liége.

As the main prize-sponsor and participant of this charity event I am proud to have experienced a great organised golf tournament at the International Gomze Golf Club.

Whenever you visit the area of Liége or Spa and plan a round of golf – the International Gomze Golf Club is a great test for all golfers. With many fairways sloping to all sides and slow but excellent maintained greens – the challenge beating the course is a big task.

The other thing that I liked on the course was the layout. Many of the fairways are leading through forestry landscapes – totally separated from each other. There is nothing else than yourself, your flight partners and one or the other wildlife – a very peaceful experience.

I am sure that this was not the last time that Ireland for You has participated in an event held in Gomze GC!

Heinz Rohleder from Ireland for You presenting the golf-holiday-in-Ireland-voucher to the winner:

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