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Leisure & Sports in Ireland

Holidays in Ireland, or as it is called: on the Emerald Island, should be more than just golf!

As you already know, or at least suspect, the main business of Ireland for You is offering golf tours in Ireland.

Complementary to the golf business, Ireland for You also offers some other carefully selected holiday themes as an alternative.

There are enough groups – so my customers are telling me – where the different interests of its members blocks a promising Ireland experience.

Whether in families, in which the children would prefer horse riding,
… or for couples, in which the ladies would like to use premium wellness facilities
… or men have their heart more set on fishing than swinging the golf club
… or a preferred week on a Houseboat on the Shannon River, where all by Ireland for You offered activities can be combined.

During the search for suitable activity providers, Ireland for You has chosen facilities of high standard that can stand up to the high expectation of our customers.

A further advantage is that Ireland for You was able to find some of the different interests quite close to each other so that everyone of your group can follow their own personal interest while staying together as a group.

I would be pleased to provide you with some ideas and help out with my expertise to work out a free offer tailored to your expectation.

Talk to you soon.